How Aamin Ambulance helps people in Somalia?


Aamin Ambulance is an organization with free ambulance services in Somalia. They have been based in Mogadishu for 8 years now where they aim to help people in need. They help victims of terror attacks, injuries etc. with medical care. They started their services after they saw the need for emergency medical help after some of the attacks the terror group al-shebab have done in Mogadishu. Aamin Ambulance is the first & only community founded emergency service in Mogadishu, Somalia and the only free ambulance in the country.

Amin ambulance have 10 ambulances that are imported second-hand from Dubai with basic first aid equipment, a stretcher and a bench for paramedics or second victim. Except that they have been donated two vehicles from WHO and some first aid courses from Red Cross.

amin ambu

Numbers of people that they have given their services to.

Some history of Somalia and Al-Shebab

Al-Shabab is a terrorist group that wants to turn Somalia into a fundamentalist Islamic state. The group has been blamed for attracts in Somalia where they have killed aid workers, community leaders, civilian leaders, journalist, African union peacekeepers. They want to kill the people that are standing in the way of there thinking and believes. They use the Quran to defend their believes in a way where they actually manipulate people to take actions for their believes.

Somalia has been in war since 1991 within the country they are fighting about who they want to control the country. You have the north part who calls themselves Somaliland and they are fighting for their independence. You have the middle part that calls themselves Puntland state and they also are fighting for their own Independence, the third part of Somalia is south Somalia that is the only places that is recognized.  After Siad Barre´s military regime fell it caused a lot of friction in the country and division from clans. This left Somalia with a weak government and it´s still weak until this day.

Examples on how Somalis came together without using the common goods.

In October 2017 Al-shebab attacked Mogadishu with a big car bomb where over 400 people died and even more got injured. After that they posted a photo of the old leader of Al-shebab giving blood, and that cause a lot of division in Somalia. How can we be fine with him giving blood and not put him in jail? After that the younger generation went online to show how they felt. And after that you had many go found me pages where Somalis from all over the world collected money for the injured ones. The western media wrote articles after the Somali community demanded that people needed to know about what was going on in their community. Just in Norway they collected and gave one million dollars to the injured and ambulances, medicine etc. since they supply is so small. We have a company called Amin Ambulance that worked for free since the found and people the government had went to the high-class citizens and not the average middle-class or poor. Amin ambulance is a private company that decided to give help to the average person that can´t afford health care.

Amin ambulances got about 20 000 dollars from people in the western world during post October 2017 attacks. To be a part of the team that where collecting founds for them I got talk to two of the founders. The only thing they told me is that they only wanted to help the people that can’t get to hospitals and make shore that they were taken care of. This initiative is an example of then the common goods is not accessible for everyone how the community can instead be the common good for the people in need. If it was not for them I believe that many more people would have died.

“The people who are dying daily are our wives, our children, our brothers,” said paramedic Mohamed from Amin Ambulance




How did social media help aamin ambulance?

Social media is big in the Somali community both in and outside. Just by them posting and using facebook as a tool people started to share and donate money. I believe that since the war this is the first time Somalis have come together no matter what tribe or clan they are for the cause. They helped aamin ambulance with gas, medical equipment, money, blankets etc. people made many different pages to make others aware of what is going on. And by using this tool they gave more people access to help and to also inform the world on what is going on.

Aamin AmbulanceHow can their services help more people?

I believe that their services can help more people and if the community continues to empower them with equipment’s and founds they can help more people. We need that for the country to function and in case of more attacks from Al-shebab or others. This is probably the only time Somalis have come together where you have both the post-civil-war generation and the millenniums.




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