The Student Social Movement (FESCI) – A voice of students





The Student Federation of Côte d’Ivoire (FESCI) is an Ivorian student association that has been created in 1990 to claim their rights. The federation is a social movement that has been established by students to fight for their rights and well-being. They claim better study conditions, better jobs prospects, scholarship for the most in need. Since its creation the federation has gone through multiple challenges. This is the first social movement created by the students to challenge the old movement established by the government since independence days. Students were not allowed to revendicate and have no rights to speak their voice. In 1990, due to the new economic situation in the country, the government took some measure such as cutting salaries, budget, and concerning students, they have been deprived from opportunities and the future become dark for them. Bursaries and scholarship have been cut, free transport have cancelled, access to further education after the First Degree has been restricted to certain subjects. Face to that, the students have decided to fight through a different and an independent student organisation.

The government first reaction was to arrest them, and to reject the movement. But the students stayed stronger and motivated. In 1990, the year of its creation, there has been more than 300 arrests, and the closure of the university. By the year 1991, most students joined the movement, which was getting stronger. Colleges, professional schools, private schools, all joined the movement. The government has tried to stop the movement by suspending it and declaring the former one as the legal and sole student movement in the country. The resisted to this government decision and continue claiming their Rights. Two years after its creation, the movement become stronger and has succeeded in many of its fights.  Bursary and scholarship have been replaced by other financial supports, postgraduate studies have been re-opened to all subjects.

Despite the government severe sanctions such as imprisonment, banned from university, financial suspension, to the members of the movement, especially the leaders, the movement has resisted. The Federation is now one of the strongest and the more reliable regarding student organisations in the Ivory Coast.


One Response to “The Student Social Movement (FESCI) – A voice of students”

  1. sdblog2017 Says:

    This Federation sounds allot stronger than the ‘Student Union’ here in terms of clout to resist cutbacks in course availability and perhaps even in terms of access to foundations/ funding..Nick

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