Common questions for presidential candidates


While the Brexit and the victory of Donald Trump shook the world, it is the turn of France to be in  election period. The French will vote in May for their next president. The issue is all the more important in the current context.

François Hollande (French president between 2012 and 2016) presidential review is not good and the French are looking for actions, but they mainly think of actions that will affect their life, their income.

Thinking in terms of self-interest is not new. For example my family has a family business and I grew up in a climate where discussions during elections were mainly focus on how the political programs and presidential candidates would affect businesses and families. People votes are focused on how the election results would benefit them personally even if our nation and world are facing other majors problem.  Little is said about the common good of a society.

We live in an individualistic society where the needs and interests of the individual are promoted to the needs of the group. So what is the best way to think, to do? As a young citizen, a number of questions about common property come to my mind. This could destabilize the candidates often accustomed to speaking for the personal interests of different societal classes.

  • What constrained actions will you take to honor the Paris agreements ?
  • What measures would you take to reduce the tons of waste dumped into the oceans?
  • What is your action plan to minimize the abusive use of non-renewable resources in France?
  • What is your strategy to promote common good actions?
  • What is your plan to put the common good in the center of French concerns?
  • How will you make public space safe and accessible to all communities?…

By May 2017, many questions will be asked of presidential candidates in a multitude of talks, debates and meetings. It is up to us to ask the questions that concern us as a system of french citizens. It our duty to build the world we want live in, in France we have the chance to vote, this is not a reality in all country around the world.


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