Modern Enclosure: Third Heathrow Runway


The recent decision by the British government to go ahead with the expansion of the third Heathrow runway was vehemently resisted by the residents of the surrounding villages whose homes are to be bulldozed to accommodate the third runway; Climate campaigners and opposition parties in United Kingdom  are against this move as well. meanwhile, the struggle to cope with the displacement and the new environment reality, increased noise and pollution is already traumatic for the residents around Heathrow Airport. Of course, it is business as usual with the government, it is very clear, the interest is extra profit! Yes, profit indeed 50% in flight tariffs and airport taxes which would generate billions of pounds for the managers of Heathrow airport and the government to the detriment of the people’s well being and environment. This poses a big moral question to business managers and the government, how long  will they continue to undermine habitable climate in the name of profit?  Currently, people around the Airport do not enjoy good night sleep because of noise, which make the campaigners to call for a ban of night flights which according to a reliable source has been ratified by the Airport Commission. According to statistics, Heathrow Airport has the highest (population) percentage of 28% representing 725,500 compared to the lowest 0.2% representing 5,700 of Liverpool John Lannon Airport in terms of people affected across the European Union.

According to ‘the SUN’, at least 750 homes will be demolished in the construction of Heathrow’s third runway . Tens of thousands of people will be under new  flight paths. According to campaign group called Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN), many people in West London and Berkshire could get planes for as many as 13 hours in one day as they are under the Heathrow flight paths. Heathrow Management has suggested that a congestion charge may  need to be introduced  to deal with the extra traffic on the M25, between junctions14 and 15 creating more hardship for the commoners.


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