Drink lemonade to fight against poverty!


The start-up Lemonaid produces drinks with fruit from organic farming and fair trade. The goal of the company: to use the profit to finance sustainable projects in developing countries.

A refreshing drinkthat is green and fair, does it sounds too good? Yet it is the goal of the start-up Lemonaid. On 7 October, she was rewarded in the Non Profit Awards which aim to enhance the pioneers of altruistic economy.

In 2008, in Hamburg, Germany, the founders have a simple but innovative idea: like children wishing to pocket money, they’ll make lemonade, a good and simple product. And instead of keeping the money for themselves, it will be used to finance actions in the service of social improvements, environmental and ecological in developing countries through their foundation “Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V.”.

Currently, the company has developed three different products: Lime, Maracuja and Blutorange. All fruits are from organic farming and fair trade, and the recipe is similar: fruit, sometimes sugar and sparkling water. No preservatives, coloring or other artificial flavor. The fruits come from small farming cooperatives located around the world: the sugar cane is grown in Paraguay, the lime is from Mexico, the maracuja is grown in Sri Lanka, the mango is from India.

100% ethical

Of course, they want be sure to respect their values. Lemonaid do not just use international certifications to choose farmers. The company also meets the farmers who provide their raw material to ensure to their working conditions are fair

On every bottle sold, 5 cents is levied. Since January 2010, the company has already managed to raise over 1.2 million € and supported many projects. Water tanks in South Africa to collect rainwater are helping local farmers. In Paraguay, an organic farming school provides young people with basic education as well as more practical matters related to agriculture, fruits and vegetables, livestock.

This social business helps to create a relation between different systems of  commoners around the world to support local initiatives of sustainable development. “Limonaid” confirms that the spirit of company and collective action have points of convergence. This example also highlights that the spirit of a business can be a means of promoting sustainable development in communities.



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