At 92: seeking another term in office ?


This is a rather strange situation that after 36 years, independent  Zimbabwe`s only known president is seeking to contest elections in 2018.He will be 94 then,how bizarre is that, I fail to understand.At 92 years old, everything slows down, physically, mentally and socially. Is the 50 year old wife pushing for the president to continue working? if so why ,? when they have all the luxuries in the world. when is he going to retire? if ever he is going to retire, will he enjoy all that he has worked for? The answer is NO.

Health wise, the guy was recently warned to hand over power to a successor. He travels across the Indian ocean to the far East for medical check ups and treatment every two weeks. Each trip sucks in over two million dollars which realistically can build a small clinic and get well equipped from the same amount he spends on one trip.

The reason for the far East treatment means there is no adequate health infrastructure in Zimbabwe, hence the president`s daughter frequenting Malaysia for maternity check ups and delivery.

A recent disturbing development has seen the president`s son-in-law being handed a top job in the ailing airline as executive officer.Zimbabwe has no international aircraft, apart from the regional and local trips.A few years ago ,the only one boeing 707 which used to do Gatwick and Harare, accrued a large amount of debt in terminal fees, failed to pay and was banned from operating the route.

Each time I travel to Zimbabwe , I have to either use Kenya, Ethiopian or South African Airways.This makes the trips so long because we have to stop over in the respective countries for hours before proceeding.This situation is so inconveniencing and one cannot make frequent trips home. I find that this is an enclosure to my freedom to travel and having to put up with other countries`s airlines.How ever I must hasten to applaud these countries for providing a service which Zimbabwe is failing to provide because of the miss management and poor governance through a 92 year old clueless President who only now works 30 minutes per day and spends the bulk of the working time sleeping.



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  1. Doreen Says:

    Hahaha interesting observation.

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