Love as an enclosure


This is my friend`s true experience. Happily married in the 1980s with three children and a good job, Tanya was totally in an enclosure because she was head over heels in love with John. Little did Tanya suspect that John was hoping from one house maid to another in her absence. When neighbours tried to warn her about John`s misdemeanures, Tanya was so quick to defend him. Tanya had no clue that the affairs were indeed true.

John then got an invitation from his brother who lived in England to come and try out a new life. After a discussion with Tanya , his mother and other close relatives, John prepared his ever first trip abroad on an air craft. Tanya was hurt at John living her and the children but a quick realisation that John`s going to England was infact a blessing in disguise and that they would soon be crossing over from middle class to top class.

A list of all that which needed done was well drawn according to priority; a big house was top on the list followed by sending the children to private schools.

After only one year, John had worked, saved enough and invited Tanya to join him in England. A few months after, Tanya started suspecting that John was having an affair. Tanya was divastated and distraught as she had always trusted John and had totally  been engulfed by love.

Tanya, in her anguish and hurt, was traumatised, emotionallly abused to
the extend of losing ten kilograms in a month, had her menstrual cycle continuously for two months and she also lost her sense of smell.Despite all the evidence, John denied ever having an affair, being a foreign land Tanya had no one to turn to and found herself in an enclosure of LOVE



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