Can only be selfishness OR unforgivable ignorance


A friend of mine flew to Zimbabwe recently to escape the cold weather, evidenced by her face book status where she passionately said her good byes.What then surprised me to the core is when she landed in Zimbabwe, it was raining and according to her further comments, she is hating the idea of why she ever decided to go because according to her its apparently raining everyday and that she is not enjoying the sun shine which prompted the trip in the first place.

Geographically, Zimbabwe is so prone to droughts. 75% of the hunger is drought related. For someone who is Zimbabwean and fully aware of our climate, I did not expect her to be angry that it is raining. What it is all about is selfishness coupled with ignorance. Everyone in Zimbabwe including those in the rural areas are so happy and busy preparing the fields to plant their crops. the very crops which when harvested after a good supply of rain, will alleviate the hunger plight.

Still gutted at my friend who thinks only about themselves; this is a me; myself;I` mentality. She thinks living in the UK makes her any more superior than others, instead of having a common understanding together with fellow Zimbabweans who for months have been waiting for the precious rain , she does the opposite, that is incompassionate behaviour to say the least

In the commons; `cry with those who are crying and be happy with those who are happy.




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