Voiceless-social, emotional,physical enclosures for abused women


It is so sad that most women end up in relationships that are so abusive. The abuses range from social , emotional, even physical.Some societies still view women as second class or a piece of furnisher which can be moved, kicked at will by some men. In most cases women become powerless especially where children are involved; they will always endure for the children`s sake.This trend is even worse in some African societies where the husband has to pay a huge amount of money as dowry. On that note, over some time , the husband will start to treat the wife like a commodity that they purchased. they can deny wives a right to decision making concerning the welfare of the home and the children. the man assumes an upper hand which forces the wife to cower, and not allowed to speak.

Gradually the husband becomes violent and starts to beat the wife. this kind of treatment and behaviours are always acceptable culturally and as a student of Social Sciences, I personnally think some cultures have to be done away with and perpetrators of such enclosures prosecuted because denying another human being a right to their opinion is not only cruel but barbaric.It is a real wonder that in this 21st century such things are still happening

There are shocking statistics in UK of women who have been murdered through violent attacks by their partners because they would either have suggested they end a relationship or have been stalked after a break-up: one wold think in such a civilised part of the Globe, such things do not happen, but alas they do.


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