Prisons as enclosures: are they sustainable?


The recent events At Pennisville Prison in North London and a strike in Bedford prison lives one wondering as to how secure the prisons can be as enclosure facillities for society`s misfits and supposedly correctional institutions as per say.These enclosures are supposed to be set up in such a way that they are sustainable and conducive for use. Security is another issue; how can two inmates plot to escape and do so successfully without anyone noticing or being aware, it is bizaare to even think that given thier crimes, they would have gone for the kill if they were to be confronted. How they got hold of the instrument to cut off part of the barbed wire wall remains a mistery. This scenerio to me flags weak security, with loop holes or it can signify some kind of corruption and inside job; where these two criminals worked with one or more guards.

In Bedford, it is a case of either unsatisfactory services or insuffient sub- standard provisions that triggered the unrest.This then shows the high levels of disgruntleness and an effort to still demand some decent human rights although one is supposed to be undergoing some form of punishment or rather to put lightly, correctional measures before rejoining normal society.

I personally view prisons as enclosures that are sustainable, watching crime watch on Television makes me cringe and think only a few hard core criminals are on the run, what if there were no such facilities as prisons and jails, what would be the situation like? all sorts of crimes would be committed willy nilly and the most vulnerable would be the defenceless commoners,



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