Appropedia, a site to develop and spread the commons



Again, evening news has been terrifying and paints a portrait of a sad world. There are not only dozen of deaths after natural disasters, forest destruction due to capitalist companies,  reports about poverty and migration… but also an opportunity for politicians to engage themselves in an obscene competition to know what is appropriate to do in this crisis. But during all these debates, no solutions are implemented. However men and women have a multitude of  ideas to face currents society’s evils.

The Appropedia’s designer, has decided to create a sharing platform with what might allow us to build a sustainable world. The platform gives the opportunity to any individual or communities to be an actor of the change by bringing innovative projects and support to treat world’s current problems. In sum, Appropedia seeks to create a world where we produce significant change in commons.

The objectives of this initiative is to share  collaborative solutions about sustainable development, poverty reduction, permaculture and international development. This is possible only due to free access and the posting of playful and clear tutorials. The website encourages not only new solutions but also additional details on existing posts.  The concept of Appropedia is strongly inspired of Wikipedia but with one clear mission: “Sharing knowledge to build sustainable lives.”

Started in 2006, the page today has nearly reach 342,000 contributors who share their knowledge and sustainable projects. 27,000 of these files come from books, articles, authors, NGO research, and individuals who wish to share their knowledge for the benefit of the greatest number. Free access allows people to use the content in any manner, including trade, but the website requires any modification of the articles to use the same license. This system aims to not only make mankind richer in terms of sustainable development knowledge but also allows research to advance because the information can be completed or corrected at any time by people across the planet.

Today Appropedia is a major website that supports sustainable development. It highlights a number of technical innovations from the commons. This platform embraces the development of the Internet and new forms of collaboration. It is a digital Commons or knowledge commons, which is distinguished from natural or material common described by Ostrom.

The Internet has become an essential resource for societies to development. For this reason, it must be considered as a common, which can not be preempted by the interests of certain actors, public or private, but must benefit the worldwide community to develop content. Common allowed creative dynamic growth and the emergence of the digital economy.



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