The net is closing in


There is no hiding place; I am still following the corruption saga in Zimbabwe where a handful elite are enjoying the fruits of our independence and liberation from British colonial rule in 1980. All was rosy at the time and we all thought we will all benefit from the kill, little did we know that enclosures on social justice, economic justice, political justice were looming.

$ 15 billion is not accounted for after an area with precious diamonds in the Eastern part of Zimbabwe were discovered by the locals. Hundreds of villagers were killed when the government sent in an army to close the area with diamonds from the locals who tried to resist.they were given orders to shoot, and that is exactly what they did. those killed were trying to earn a living, but alas, that was foiled, the government then started to sell the diamonds and lined their pockets.

Now the corrupt ministers have no way to run to as the net is closing in. An anti-corruption committee has been set up to trace and arrest all those found to have swindled the government of funds meant to benefit the needy . the move to arrest has been welcome by the common citizen  and hopefully recovery of funds will be insisted upon while a prison term will mean justice at last.Enclosures through the animal called corruptionhttps:

This video footage is actually shocking because the police are demanding money from vendors in order to release their goods. it is even so heartbreaking because the vendors are trying to earn a living through selling in the streets.



2 Responses to “The net is closing in”

  1. fundaiglobal Says:

    I hope every corrupt person rots in prison

  2. Doreen Mukotekwa Says:

    Forget about the billions. Lets look to the future. Who will catch the thieves when they are all dying hahahahah Zimbabwe Cry our Beloved Country!!!!

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