South African Julius Malema on the Socio-Political Situation in S.A. and Africa


This video clip on youtube is very interesting for those who would like to know more about the ‘commons’ in South Africa and Africa generally and how these ‘commons’ have been turned into ‘#enclosures’ by the prevailing capitalist system. This discourse actually extends to reveal how these ‘commons’ re being invaded on an International scale and turned into some kind of International enclosures that benefit the foreign capitalists and a few priviledged political elite at the expense of the general populace of these African countries.

The concept of different forms of power is also clearly demonstrated in this scenario:-

  1. The visible, collective power (power with) of the minors to withhold their labour power at local level in their own created space
  2. The invisible power (power over) of the corporate bosses to influence the politicians at local, national and global levels in closed space.
  3. The invisible and visible power (power to and power over) of the politicians in closed spaces at local and national level to order the military to shoot striking minors.

It is a very interesting reading for ‘Sustainability and the Commons’ as well as ‘Development in the International Context’.


5 Responses to “South African Julius Malema on the Socio-Political Situation in S.A. and Africa”

  1. sustainabilityandthecommons Says:

    Hey, where is the videoclip. embed the code you find on youtube please

  2. sseremwe Says:

    Sorry, refusing to upload the video –

  3. sseremwe Says:

    Well, the video is there now. Enjoy and benefit.

  4. Doreen Mukotekwa Says:

    I watch all his videos fun!! fun!! fun!!! what can be done in Africa now that we are now ruling????

    • sseremwe Says:

      Doreen, the answer lies in what Thabo Mbeki and Benjamin Mkapa said in that othe article I posted about “The African Leadership that We Want”.

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