10,000 missing refugee children in Europe


A fellow classmate recommended a podcast series “The Inquiry” by BBC. They are compelling segments on world issues and I am hooked. A recent episode opened my eyes to something I had no previous knowledge of.  Why are 10,000 children missing in Europe? The facts were alarming. Unaccompanied children are flooding into Europe from Syria and other conflict zones. According to Save the Children, an estimated 26,000 unaccompanied children entered Europe last year
European governments are aware of this problem, however, many countries are simply turning a blind eye when they encounter unaccompanied minors, allowing them to cross through and move along to boarders. These children are at risk for trafficking and being targeted by criminal gangs (Guardian). Some children are in search for family they know to be in the UK and other EU countries. They take dangerous means to try to get to their family and many will die on this journey. Governments need to act now, providing safe passage of children to get to their families and ensuring they are protected and not overlooked. For those that don’t have families in the EU, they should be welcomed by countries and placed into the foster care system. Communities are coming together forming advocacy groups that are campaigning for refugee children and their human rights. CitizensUK



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