Corruption at its best


I will continue to highlight the plight and suffering of many Zimbabwean children who cannot afford school fees as less as $5/term. What astonishes me most is the level of corruption in high offices who are determined to line their pockets using state funds that they quire through manipulation and corruption.This is sheer evil.The ruling party is even boasting that they will not be made accountable for the misuse of state resources by anyone, and this to me is arrogance.

Many of these children lost both parents to HIV and AIDS related diseases and well wishers are taking care of most of them, and for those that have no one end up living in the streets and feeding from the bins; that is if anyone throws some left over food in the bin.

The well wishers have no resources to look after their own children let alone an added number of orphans. It is so sad that in this century, people have no compassion over the less disadvantaged.God bless


3 Responses to “Corruption at its best”

  1. fundaiglobal Says:

    so heart breaking. I love children

    • fundaiglobal Says:

      In every situation involving misgovernance and misappropriation of state resources, the impart is always on children, especially the orphaned and the disadvantaged. Thier plight becomes worse than before. I love children and my goal is to widen my avenues to help as many orphans access education. At the moment I assist 7 orphans between 6-15 years with school fees, stationery and uniforms. It is a pleasure to serve.

  2. Enclosures through the animal called corruption | Sustainability and the commons Says:

    […] this animal from outside while its being fed, pampered from inside. This is just another free show,corruption the truth is no one will get arrested if the whole government is stinking of […]

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