Privatization has taken away power from the commons


The idea of capitalism has increased the inequity in the whole world it has taken away power from the commons. Oxfam thinks the Richest 1% will have more money than the rest 99% of the population by the year 2016. Privatization and the very idea of “new public management” has taken away power from the general people. Even sometime the government is helpless to those big fish. Farmers are forced cultivate plants according to the wish of the certain company, workers in the factories are bound by certain terms and conditions that never enjoy the achievement of that company rather they keep working months after months still don’t feel part of the family. General people are marginalized, only winner is the private company and the rich. Well, the government can’t say much because their election campaign is funded by those big fishes. It is not by the people for the people anymore, it is by the rich for the rich actually. Multinational companies are always finding a loophole to patronize the government to deregulate the rules and regulations. In the human history never so much power was given to so few. Big oil companies are destroying the planets and making money out of it. But who is being victims here? The general people. The government is the pocket of the multinational companies who is funding its ministers to tour around the whole world during their holidays.

Starting from agriculture to factories, everywhere the general people has been diminished. This attitude of “having it all and wanting more” has made us so vulnerable. Some ignorant supporters of privatization may claim that current government system is too corrupt to trust with any project but is it not the big private companies who are continuously bribing the politicians in order to get their business deal done? I am not totally against privatization but I think general people should have a stake and say in the profit of those multinational big corporation otherwise this will increase inequality and obstruct any social mobility.


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