The homegrown Jihadists in Britain & Europe are the result of post-colonial era & cultural assimilation


7de5baea-3d0b-11e4-_768846cWhen we think of Europe, we think of how lucrative life can be! We think of big glittering houses equipped with all sorts of 21st century modern life facilities, BMW or Mercedes Benz or Range Rover parked outside, day to day life is full of entertainment, in one word “perfect consumer lifestyle of Western world”. No doubt the transport system is great, education system is excellent, health care is dynamic & life is full of entertainment with all contents of 21st century, yes of course society is much more liberal & progressive but one think is common in all countries , particularly in Britain, France, Belgium & in Germany, that is lack of cultural assimilation among ethnic minorities and  pockets of poverty. Britain, particularly performed well in terms of breaking the ice & bridging the gap between the native & the immigrants. This isn’t the case for many other countries. Son of an  immigrant  bus driver has been selected from Labour Party recently to run to become Mayor of London. There are number of MPs & Lords in British Parliament from ethnic minority but it’s not common in rest of Europe.


Let’s look into France. “The Glory has come”, with this national anthem France has ruled almost half of Africa. Many people have migrated from Algeria to France, a former colony of France. But isn’t the Algerian immigrants still considered as second class citizen in France? Modern France has a divisive way of treating people where immigrants are never considered as bone fide citizens. Some critics also think France society is colorblind in terms of indentifying racism and alienation, a problem.


Majority of homegrown terrorists sadly come from ethnic minorities or immigrants background in UK & rest of Europe. Abdalhamid Abaaoud , the mastermind behind Paris attack happened to be from a very deprived and disfranchised area of Brussels named Molenbeek. Molenbeek is known as the capital of Jihadis. Molenbeek is just located in Brussels but young people like Abdalhamid grew up with no sense of community belongings, may be his childhood was full of poverty, racisms, disfranchisement.


For the last century when world has witnessed the fall of colonialism, many immigrants made their way to Europe to resettle & start life afresh. The contribution of immigrants is huge in building the Europe after two world wars. Immigrants are still significantly contributing. But life isn’t bed of roses for immigrants in Europe. Children of immigrants still find it difficult to get admission into good European universities after having excellent result. Even after having excellent result from university, not many can made it to the jobs. After the end of colonization, many people from ex-colonies made European their home. But still they struggle to find their place in western society. And if the society is colorblind to tackle inequality, poverty, racisms & cultural disfranchisement the ethnic minorities face day to day from school, university and job place, this will create more Abdalhamid Abaaoud. So these homegrown Jihadists like Jihadi John or Abdalhamid  is the result of post-colonial era & lack of cultural assimilation.


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