Relying on technology…


This Friday was a nightmare for many people. A glitch on the software was responsible for the Air Traffic Control chaos affecting airports in London and southeast England. A system failure which left hundred of flights on ground and some other flying for more than half an hour around the airport until they had the ok to land. Flights in and out Britain were halted for minutes causing knock-on effects in other international flights and airports. Many flights were cancelled and many passengers were stuck in airport. This failure have many effects on the airports in England, especially Heathrow and Gatwick, and on airports in Europe and around the world, on the airlines and on the passengers. A system failure here causes a chain reaction, many companies lose money, people get frustrated for not getting the service they paid for and chaos can lead to mistakes and unpleasant events.

Another system failure happened on Amazon causing small retailers to lose thousands of pounds. One of the systems used by Amazon, RepricerExpress, went wrong, selling the products for only 1p. There were hundred of happy buyers that night and furious business now, that may even risk going bankrupt as a result of losing so much money.

We rely so much on the software’s and technology these days that we can’t do without them and when something goes wrong everything will stop and many people will be penalized (very few will benefit). In the era of technology something like these failures are not welcomed, however even the technology and software’s are not perfect. Back up plans and measures should be taken in order for not having the same mistakes, or we should have other alternatives ready if one fails.


3 Responses to “Relying on technology…”

  1. Beqir Says:

    Technology is great… while it works!

  2. Beqir Says:

    Technology is great… while it works!

    We seem complacent at times and just take technology for granted. I totally agree; back up plans should be arranged and tested well in advance before any hick up occurs.

    As per Amazon, I do not have much sympathy, considering they charged me an arm and a leg for books 😦
    They make more than enough to reimburse their clients who lost out. Amazon’s fault should cost only them.

  3. victoriaevbuomwan Says:

    Don’t forget human-induced disasters could be be deadly. storing in cloud is possibly the best way forward

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