This Happened Earlier Today


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Second news that angered and saddened me.

Migrant crushed by lorry on M25

How sad and what a way to die. The driver drove off quite possibly without realising that he has run over and killed a human being. Few weeks back in France two immigrants were burnt alive in the back of a lorry.

In UK, it has been in-thing to hire foreign labour at very low cost. However, this has drastically changed, in the passed few years, tilting the scale towards native workers. In other words, as the world tries to go global, the immigration laws are out to stop foreigners both skilled and unskilled to enter its market.

This has a double ripple effect on both the rich and developing nations. The rich countries are in need of labour but the laws do not accept cheap labour offered by immigrants from developing countries.

The fact that the world economy is now interlinked makes matters even worse for the rich countries that are not ready to open its borders. If you compare this with what the Gulf is doing concerning immigration issues, then you can understand why most rich countries are lagging behind on the rate of economic development.

Also a comparative analysis indicates that the emerging tigers like India and Brazil will definitely be the biggest beneficiaries if rich countries continue closing its doors on immigrants.

Let us not forget that either themselves or their parents were immigrants: Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Madeleine Albright, John Muir, Joseph Pulitzer, Ang Lee, David Ho, Irving Berlin, Oscar Straus, Bob Marley, Peter Andre, Fabrice Maumba, Ben Elton, Lord Paul Hamlin…


2 Responses to “This Happened Earlier Today”

  1. jonida04 Says:

    This system is not fair; judgment/opportunities start from which country you are born. All immigrants are leaving their country to chase something, which their home never offered (these refugees/illegals however you want to call them they haven’t got a better choice otherwise will not take the risk of not being accepted might also along the way loose their life).
    Every each one of illegals are just normal human beings like all of us that are legally, they are just trying their options, to be part of this great country, society, education, freedom etc. Has anyone ever put himself or herself on illegal immigrants position! Obviously no, has anyone ever considered what goes on these peoples head, depressed, mixed emotions of being rejected, not belonging anywhere. The rich countries might need to think twice/three/four times before judging that these people are just illegals.
    How’s it possible that all rich countries want to allow only skilled people in? Skilled people can choose for themselves, they don’t need your help. Who needs help is these illegals which are battling to have a better life. On the other hand, some building companies are hiring bricklayers from Portugal, paying them £1,000 a week, because of a shortage of skilled workers from the UK. Wouldn’t it be better and easier to invest and train people from UK in order to fulfill the needs of the market???

  2. kanjasandy Says:

    I agree with above commentator, janida04. Let’s be honest here, who really wants to leave their mother’s land if they are self sufficient? The reason for all this disgraceful tragedy is sad. I refer to it as disgraceful because, as we speak, today we celebrate the lives of military personnel that fought for the freedom of this ‘great nation’ during modern wars (I refer to recent remembrance day celebrations) I would like to however concentrate on the first world war.

    What baffles me is how the west is failing to show to the world that there was an allied force that was made up of African, Asian and Caribbean nations who gave up their lives so we can enjoy the liberty and freedom we experience in the UK today. I question no one has celebrated them more than a fleeting bbc comment. I do not say that they have been ignored entirely. But the recognition of these contributors is minimal. At the time of watching the bbc televised memorial day, I found myself asking… What is the benefit, the reward, realised by these countries that contributed to this great western colonial success? How have these nations been paid for their contribution? Via medals? For centuries imperial western powers have entered these nations embezzled and benefitted from their rich resources and used their human labour resources to increase their coffers and world prowess. They dictated laws, education and ideals, even religion upon these nations and then expected them to flourish? When in fact it denied them their fundamental right of freedom. Freedom of trade, freedom of movement which renders a nation handicapped of its ability of to self govern and denies cultural self pride. Even the freedom to ‘the right to live’ is being denied. The west did not only failed these nations but pioneerred their failings. And now they want to control immigration? How is this going to happened if the west cannot allow these countries to develop and be self reliant. You cannot impose foreign systems upon a group of people and expect them to absorb them in a small amount of time after a millenium of building their own systems. I do not suggest that in these nations, particularly African nations, there are no corrupt governments and leaders. But I question how this has occurred. If you render a nation vulnerable then you leave it open to the self interested. Also, I ask who are their business partners? Scratch the surface and you find that the majority deal with the west, so therefore, if we can argue that corruption is responsible for the plight of these nations we can equally argue that the west can stamp out corruptions in these countries if they wanted to.

    Now the UK has changed approach in accepting migrants from EU countries. They are now looking for skilled migrants from the EU. How is this going to affect these counties in long term?

    Brain drain.

    Again the western policy is failing its people by applying the quick fix model and not being totally open to its electorate. How can the west say they are controlling immigration when they are ‘brain draining’ others to sustain their own economy? What will happen when these ‘brain drained’ out of these countries start having effects of those countries? Is the west going to ask these experts to go back to their countries to fix the problems that they have created by their policies? These are just some of the reasons for desperate actions like what the world has just witnessed in the above blog.

    These people have nothing to live for in their own countries and therefore they search of a better life. Let us stop being hypocrites and face this problem with honesty. Diasporas mainly occur through desperation. If an Imperial country goes into a developing nation and attempts to reconfigure it for their own gain by impressing upon them that their systems, beliefs and way of life are far superior, then they shouldn’t be surprised or expect that the people of that nation will not flee to them for reinvention in tough times.

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