Call me a conspiracist…..but this really smells !!!




I was going to blog about something very different, but two pieces of news made me really angrrryyyyyy.


In the news today

The murder of José Isidro Tendetza Antún.

“This was a great man who devoted and gave his life for the protection of his territory, his land, and for the lives of his people. This man has become a martyr for the land of the Ecuatorian Amazon”.


Imagine being a powerful and well-respected voice that the only way to silence you for good is by physical elimination. By the way, this is not the first time a

Hi-profile activist has been murdered. Bosco Wiscum and Freddy Taish where murdered in 2009 and 2013 respectively.


“The Shuar people are the original inhabitants of a large part of Southern Ecuador, and are Ecuador’s second-largest indigenous group. Tendetza was a major critic of the open pit Mirador copper and gold mine owned byEcuacorriente, a company originally owned by Canadians that was later sold to Chinese conglomerate, CCRC-Tongguan Investment. According to theConfederation of Indigenous Nationalities in Ecuador, the mine will devastate about 450,000 acres of Ecuadorian forest”.


Elsewhere also, according to this information, presented in the report of the Observatory, 112 attacks took place against land rights defenders and 43 were assassinated since 2011. This terrible number is nonetheless a small glimpse of the reality on the ground. Asia and Latin America are the most affected continents, where cases of repression are more widely known.



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