Ebola: World Bank reports economic impact in worst-hit countries to exceed $500 million in 2014

2 December 2014 – On this date the World Bank and the international community confirmed that the economic growth estimates in the three countries most posh by the Ebola crisis have been severely sinking with the impact totalling well over half a billion dollars in 2014, as the United Nations health agency officially declared.

In the interim, according to an Ebola Economic Impact apprise released by the World Bank Group, the epidemic carry on to cripple the economies of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, and is anticipated to result in adverse or shrinking growth in these countries next year.

“Growth estimates for 2014 in the three affected countries have been revised sharply downward,” the update reported. “With second-round effects and investor aversion, the economies of Sierra Leone and Guinea are expected to shrink in 2015, and Liberia is expected to grow at less than half the pace anticipated before the crisis.”

“The total fiscal impact of the crisis is well over half a billion dollars in 2014 alone,” it said.

My question is; is this current rapidly but very very late response not just another quick fix? Or is it because the world realised that if something is not done about this Ebola it will be imported into  the western world?

Why should African be left to die in such conditions whilst we claim to live in a global world without boundaries?


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  1. victoriaevbuomwan Says:

    So true, the so called global world leaders are again failing to act, the response has been slow, wondering where the hell the millions invested are gone since the report acknowledges that Ebola is still spreading within its neighbouring countries and not under control. The only substantive reason that comes to mind in my opinion why the western world are failing to act is the lack of oil in Sierra Leone, just like they ignored the cries of the Zimbabeans when Robert Mugabe as terrorising the hard working white farmers and his own people.

  2. victoriaevbuomwan Says:

    “It is fair to say the whole world, including WHO, failed to see what was unfolding, what was going to happen in front of our eyes,” WHO director general Margaret Chan told the BBC in an interview, (Director of WHO)

  3. celcocourier1 Says:

    The world is watching and believed Africans are of no value. Since the history of Ebola no western medical staff has died of Ebola, they are always evacuated and treated successfully. The amazing fact is the African medical staff who was flown out of Sierra Leone to the USA died and also the Liberian who return the USA from vacation was send home to die as well. Is it just an African disease or a selected method to extinguished the race? I will presume there is a conspiracy theory giving the facts mention above. I would kindly remind the UN and WHO, please act now it is time for humanity conscience.

  4. sianericadavies Says:

    I agree with all of the comments here but would add that we will never have solutions to these problems under the current system because it is the system itself – capitalism, that is the problem. Think about how many millions of dollars have been spent by private medicine on developing cosmetic surgeries pampering to the whims of the over privileged in the West that could have been spent on developing vaccines for killer diseases.
    Maybe we should take a leaf out of Cuba’s book – they – the state – have just developed a preventative vaccine for Cholera – NOT FOR PROFIT. And what are they going to do with it? Join the likes of Glaxosmithkline and sell it for billions of dollars in the free market thereby ensuring that people in poor countries never get a look in? No. They are first going to vaccinate all of their own people – starting January 2015, and then, they are going to HAND IT OVER TO WHO – YES HAND IT OVER – TO BE USED FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

  5. leutha Says:

    On a more positive note I would like to point to the role of the intellectual commons in addressing Ebola. (See my blog: )
    In fact Wikipedia is the most widely used source of information about Ebola (See this new York Times article: ). “Wikipedia is a do-ocracy, those who do the most, do have a greater influence.” Dr. James Heilman
    This shows that commoners can have an amazing effect and can act effectively even while the official bureaucracies may sit on their hands.

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