Modern Slavery


After reading the news that the numbers of what they call ‘modern slaves’ in UK, according to Home Office, in 2013 was between 10.000 and 13.000 people, I decided to blog about it.

Slavery is a term that most of the people connect to the past, a phenomenon that no longer exists. But the truth is different. Even though law prohibits slavery in almost every country, the number of people in slavery today is the highest at any other time in the human history, an estimated number between 21-36 million people in the world.


Slavery has begun thousands of years ago 9in the prehistoric times) in different forms, 6800 B.C. in Mesopotamia (Iraq today) enemies were captured and used as slaves in agriculture, in Egypt 2575 B.C., during Ancient Greeks and the roman Empire slavery reached its peak. During the Middle Ages, slavery declined. Then, during the 1500’s and 1600’s, the colonization of the New World by Europeans resulted in a great expansion of slavery. The attitude changed about slavery and helped cause its decline during the 1800’s. The United States abolished slavery in 1865.


But why is it called modern slavery?

Modern slaves and the ones in the past share many forms of suffering, abuse, damage to their bodies, traumas and non treated diseases, the theft of their lives, work and dignity, many times death and profits of the ones who exploit them.

From this point of view it looks like the same, however they differentiate in two things: modern slavery is cheap and disposable.

In the 18-19th century the owners of the slave had to take care of them since in the American South in 1850 a slave in good conditions was worth approximately the equivalent of $40,000 in today’s money. Instead today a slave costs around $90. Before the slaves were owned ‘legally’ with papers, however in the modern slavery, since slavery is prohibited, everything is done illegally and only the profits of the holders is important. If someone in slavery is ill or unable to work it just is dumped or killed.

It is very sad to think that a human does these horrible things to another human. It is sad and also causes rage to think that UK and USA for example that have fought slavery for many years and still do, are the main countries in importing cocoa (basis of chocolate) from Ivory Coast, country that exploits many people in the cocoa business.

The UK government has released Modern Slavery Strategy, a strategy to tackle modern slavery in the UK. What about the people in slavery in Ivory Coast that make possible for people in the UK to eat chocolate? What about those in India that are exploited to weave carpets of UK citizens? They don’t matter to the UK government…

We all need to reflect and to think deeper, in all the things we eat and use in everyday life, where did it come from, how was it produced, was there any illegal work, etc.…


4 Responses to “Modern Slavery”

  1. Doreen Says:

    True. Even globalisation has created ‘willing slaves’, when people leave their own countries go to UK and America and work as slaves. The UK and America welcome refugees with some good qualifications and turn around and say “they do not meet their standards” resulting in teachers, doctors, working as careers, security guards and other menial jobs. Is that slavery??

  2. celcocourier1 Says:

    Great reminder of human rights keep the pressure on the institutions. richard

  3. victoriaevbuomwan Says:


  4. victoriaevbuomwan Says:

    yes still alive, globalisation has not helped either

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