The Global Ecovillage Network


I have been  interested in the idea of intentional living for some years now, and via the internet and my involvement with various community groups in my local area(s), have spent a considerable amount of time exploring the possibilities. Not least, because I see great potential in this idea for the amelioration of social divisions. I became a regular visitor at the Diggers and Dreamers website, where I discovered that there existed whole communities of people, all over the world, similarly unhappy about increasing levels of inequality, the alienation of people from each other, the land, and the means of their production.

Discovering this whole new world led me in all sorts of directions – one being the ‘Permi’ (Permaculture) film night held at Passing Clouds  (Hackney), on the first Tuesday of every month, and it was on one of these nights that I was first introduced to the Global Ecovillage Network  (GEN); ‘…a growing network of sustainable communities and initiatives that bridge different cultures, countries, and continents…an umbrella organization for ecovillages, transition town initiatives, intentional communities, and ecologically-minded individuals worldwide. People and communities meet and share their ideas, exchange technologies, develop cultural and educational exchanges, directories and newsletters, and are dedicated to restoring the land and living a cooperative sustainable lifestyle.’

GEN has had UN consultative status since 2000, and every year holds its own international conference which this year will be held in Senegal – a developing country, which in sharing the GEN vision, has created a government portfolio and Minister for Eco-Villages; a position  currently held by Babacar Ndao.


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