Dear Commoners, What is left for us? Land, Water, Forest, have become commodities of affordability, and we are obliged to pay for these commons for sheer survival. My concern is that: the only one left to be levied is the air we are  breathing presently, but these issues are taken a different turn. Given that we have been forced to pay £10 to drive in the city of London as a measure for clean air, we will soon be charged for each cubic air we breathe, if this is not already happening. At the rate at which we are going, shall we be able to sustain our current world with our methods of production to meet our aspiring level of consumption and comfort? please do not let this happen.


One Response to “commons”

  1. leutha Says:

    So if people pay the £10, the air still gets polluted. If the charge was £100 a day, how any people would still driveI

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