Great news – French supermarkets stops selling deep-sea fish


Carrefour distributor will gradually stop the marketing of fish from deep-sea fishing , a type of fishing disputed due to its impacts on the oceans, the group announced Monday .

After Casino , which will no longer commercialize this type of fish from 1 January 2014 according to a letter sent last week to two NGOs , Carrefour announced it would stop ” gradually marketing sword , roundnose grenadier and tusk of by June 2014, “, three fish species from deep-sea fishing .

Carrefour had already stopped, since 2007, the sale of blue ling and Emperor , two other deep-water species , and divided by 4 sales volumes  of saber grenadier and tusk ,  Hervé Gomichon told AFP , from the quality and sustainable development department of the group.

The European Parliament will debate Tuesday a possible ban of bottom trawling which, according to scientific studies relayed by associations, not only damages the ocean floor and precious corals, but also threatens many species caught by accident and then discharged into the sea .

This decision “refers to issues on the sustainability of this fishery ,” according to Carrefour .


One Response to “Great news – French supermarkets stops selling deep-sea fish”

  1. bay222013 Says:

    Great, one positive move towards sustainability.

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