Gloabal Tibetan Movement– An imaginary community?


I think I have found yet another ‘exception to the rule’ of imaginary communities (my first being on the Golden Temple).

There are approximately 1,28,014 exiled Tibetans worldwide (India 94,203; Nepal 13,514; Bhutan 1,298; and rest of the world 18,999) and communication between them and their homeland is minimal, if existent at all; yet despite heavy monitoring, the ‘Free-Tibet’ movement has spread like wildfire amongst exiled Tibetans.

Tibet has defined itself as a self-determined nation for decades, it has incredibly strong national and cultural pride which spans the globe and binds them together in unison in a fight for justice and freedom. This campaign has spread through exiled Tibetans and those in the homeland, in hopes of raising awareness and the message of Tibet’s current events and movements. Recently, these messages have been communicated through social media (resulting in many activists being put under house arrest). One such message is shown below which is a call to ‘Join Lakhar, the home grown resistance movement in Tibet’, it advocated ‘acts of disobedience’ and boycotting, such as not buying Chinese goods, only speaking Tibetan, wearing national dress, and (in some areas) a ‘money box’ as a voluntary fine for speaking Chinese- these acts were followed by Tibetans throughout the world. Similar calls to action have been noted in other countries as well and the movement continues.

Overall, Tibetans are very passionate and peaceful people who have a strong and real pride in their homeland and they are a good example of how an entire nation and culture can be considered a real commons and community.

Join Lakhar

stand up for tibet

Student for a free Tibet


One Response to “Gloabal Tibetan Movement– An imaginary community?”

  1. maryyamghani Says:

    it looks like a sustainability issue of a community to me …..:), well it sure is a common, not the imaginary one. AsThey are sharing resources (social media), activist being arrest are active members of a community and they all fighting against adoption of Chinese goods and language (enclosures). what else you need to prove it as non imaginary common.

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