“Ndae gbomie”(brotherly help or support)


In my culture”,ndea” means brother but because of the communal relationship within the community it could be refereed to as a family as well. ” gbomie”  means help or support.The expression “ndae gbomie”means-brotherly help or family support.This is usually manifested to show solidarity and cohesiveness within the community.Customarily, it much more evident in land distribution and cultivation.

Land are distributed for housing and Agricultural purposes for individuals, groups or families to develop it for their livelihood.After the distribution of land,the community comes together as a family (“ndae”) to decide who and what support (“gbomie”)to be given in ploughing and cultivating the land and the type of crop to be planted.Once a decision is reached everybody within the community, young and  old,men and women boys and girls will participate and contribute in their own ways towards the  cultivation of the land of the chosen ones.This contributions could be within everyone capability: from fetching water,cutting down trees,clearing and burning,cooking, ploughing and planting.This process is then pass on to another set of people that wants to cultivate their land.


2 Responses to ““Ndae gbomie”(brotherly help or support)”

  1. u0953238 Says:

    ” Ndae gombie” a great sense of belonging and appreciation.Every member of the community is equally valued and is afforded similar equal opportunities. This can be one best example of world class ” community cohesion”.

  2. u1059279 Says:

    That is on unique way of commoning in my village.People knows that once business is everybody responsibilities.

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