We Need a Reset Button- Tendai Biti



via We Need a Reset Button- Tendai Biti.


2 Responses to “We Need a Reset Button- Tendai Biti”

  1. enmbangani Says:

    Here is my comment to your “We Need a Reset Button” by Tendai Biti. Nations need to embrace the slogan in their new campaigns, movements, policies etc, and encouraging people in Africa, Asia and elsewhere to adapt to climate change. Thanks to the support from various enablers such as Facebook, what’s up and mobile phones which enhancing global villages concepts, and believe it or not these ideologies have made big changes worldwide. Many nations and region are now equipped with information through these communicating strategies which are, themselves adaptors of Climate Change.
    Today countries in African, some South American countries like Peru, Ecuador are ranked top as some of the world’s most bio-diverse countries, although its biodiversity positions them vulnerable when faced with climate change. The fact that climate change is changing the regimes of water in many areas affects the availability of goods and commodities that the local economy depends on. While on the other hand, tourism drives and underpins the main economic activity in many regions hence living less alternatives to livelihoods other than resorting to utilising survival tactics which impact climate change.
    Many movements born out of global villages such as the Association for Ecology, Technology and Culture in the Andes (ETC Andes), CAMPFIRE, WWF in Zimbabwe, and Savannah in Botswana are examples of the way to go. They have been working on projects to confront climate change focused primarily on their primary concern. Regardless of who funds them, the projects have done good jobs to protect environments.
    I had a chance to chat with someone who is involved with WWF and CAMPFIRE in the Zambezi Valley on Facebook and what’s up. He was very grateful to these communications strategies which he described as designed to communicate messages regardless of economic status. Although many people within populations may not be able to afford the cheapest phone, messages have been shared within communities. Through these projects mentioned above, plan for a multimedia communications campaign have been developed which have influenced opinions, attitudes and practice for the better, both among the authorities and populations.
    Worldwide, various strategies are being rolled out daily to confront climate change. Such action plans such include strategies that encourage inclusive approaches that are sustainable to make efforts a reality.

  2. u0953238 Says:

    The Wanachi movement . Technology has its place in the struggles of the commons.

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