Population Growth and Wealth Distribution


The difference through how income level dictates the capacity for being mobile by enabling people to work for saves for shoes followed by bicycles and motorbikes or scooters. About Population, A line up of the world’s seven billion people from poor to rich to reveal how much each of us earn per day — from those who barely afford flip-flops to those looking forward to space-tourism. There approximately 7billion people living in world of which. From the poorest to the richest billion earn. What does the richest billion earn dollars today the richest billion live on $100 a day, the middle billion live on $10 a day and the poorest on $1 a day this is the difference of the world today. The economist draws a line which they call the line of extreme poverty a little about $1 that is hardly able to afford things. The problem is when we look down from the richest point that we see those on middle and lowest has all poor. Yet those that look up from the bottom billion know very well how much better life would be if they move from US$1 to US$10 a day.

For example case study in Mozambique, where hard work and careful savings over a long time in order to purchase a bicycle can transform a family’s livelihood. With a bicycle, goods can reach markets more effectively leading to an increase in income and it frees up time for other pursuits. From this perspective, the lives of up to a billion people could be made considerably better just from increasing their incomes towards 10 dollars a day, taking them out of extreme poverty. The movement of so many people out of extreme poverty in recent decades is one of the most significant developments in human history.

However, using the data, there are other stories that could be told about the second and third billion from the top, whose incomes lie between US$10-100 and who are increasingly able to take advantage of automobile transport and more recently commercial air flights. Their story is one of aspiration and hard work through education and commerce.

With greater security and improvements in health care, this allows for more investment in the lives of fewer children. As a result many individuals have experienced a rapid improvement in life chances and have passed on the benefits of this by creating opportunities for their children.




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  1. u0953238 Says:

    When I started grade one (7 years old) wearing on shoes whilst going to school was a luxury. The only incentive of wearing shoes was to be selected in the school percussion band which was not a question of being a good singer but affording the shoes for the competitions. Food for thought.

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