60 000 people starved to death


Do human rights work in developing countries rich of natural resources?  60 000 people starved to death yesterday while the developed countries look for more ways to take ownership of third world resources.



5 Responses to “60 000 people starved to death”

  1. bay222013 Says:

    It is sad what African countries are going through. Leaving in a mist of abundant resources, yet starving or living without basic amenities of life. Currently in Ethopia, land grabbing has become so intense that thousands of indeginous people are being displaced by the government so land can be used by Multinational companies for industrial farming for export. For a country that has been plagued with famine for decades, dispossessing people of their land is rather unfortunate. Enclosures still ongoing and further impoverishing the marginalised.

  2. u1059279 Says:

    I do agree to your statement.Developing countries human rights seem to be very poor and hide in the shadow of the developed countries that are allowed to take ownership of their natural resources.

  3. bay222013 Says:

    The word human right seem to be echoed by the developed countries who do little to maintain the rights of the south.
    Studying this course exposes further what we already know about the injustice meted out to the southern countries in terms of unfair trade, land grabbing as well as extraction of other natural resources with blatant disregard to the environmental and ecological impacts to these countries. It’s almost certain that developing countries are lagging behind in development due to intentional measures by the north to continuously take undue advantage of their helplessness.
    While developed countries talk of human rights in terms of democracy, they forget the biggest injustice is preventing people from achieving their potentials through draining their resources without due reward.

  4. u0953238 Says:

    The Wanachi (citizen) movement should work and address the problems which Africa is facing presently. Viva Africa

  5. u0950028 Says:

    Its not far from genocide take for instance Rwanda when the government was given the permission from the West to slaughter thousands.

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