The 5 minutes speech which got Judge Napolitano fired from Fox


Judge Napolitano used to present a daily show on Fox called “the plain truth”. In this explosive broadcast he argues that the major political parties are truly following the same policies and con us at every election in making us believe that they are going to implement different policies than their rivals. Hear his speech. It’s rare to hear someone be so candid about politicians on TV. It got him fired unfortunately but probably won him the respect of a lot of people worldwide.

As NGOs will have to work closer with governments and politicians, it is essential to understand who they are and to realize that they have much less freedom than we think they have. When a new government is elected, even with the best intentions, it takes a lot of time and resources to design and implement reforms. Its priority is probably the day to day jobs inherited from the previous governments, including all the public servants who go with it as well as their way of doing business. I believe that this is what makes corruption so difficult to fight.

I felt that I needed to share this with all of you and when he talks about “public opinion”, I feel that this relates a lot to the communities and how politicians manipulate their opinions to their advantage.


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