Is China’s growth and economy based on building up ghost cities?


If you watch this video, you realise the impact of the fake growth Chinese government is planning to sustain. It is explained that the economy needs those projects to continue to grow at the pace central government has decided (China is not a market economy like most countries; it is a government-planned one where some areas, like the building industry, have been liberalised). So the government is spending to build expensive tower block for a middle class population, which is supposed to have benefited from the “development” of the country. The reality, however, is very different.

The middle class cannot afford the prices of these apartments, which rise 3 times faster than the inflation. They can only afford to live in such tower blocks by sharing a 2 bedroom apartment in 9 people…. Or they are reduced to live in slums, with no running water and sanitation, at the feet of those empty tower blocks.

Is Chinese government going to continue to feed this unrealistic race for the growth and continue to build empty cities?

There are first signs of the strategy being reversed and development being stopped…sometimes in the middle of the project. This has consequences as well and millions of workers are forced to migrated back to the country side, empty concrete tower are standing untouched and the developers going to huge debts for these investments.

The sad reality is that what should be a guaranteed human right, to have a decent place to live, is becoming an unrealistic dream for millions of Chinese people, who are however living in one of the faster growing economy in the world. And the same time millions of empty home are waiting for people to use them.

It is extremely hard to conceive that those two phenomena exist simultaneously…




3 Responses to “Is China’s growth and economy based on building up ghost cities?”

  1. mundurugertrude Says:

    One main reason why many development initiatives do not achieve the intended goals is the tendency of imposing things on the beneficiaries with out involving them at every stage.For Chinas case, much as the government had the interest of the people at heart, it would have been better to empower the people to implement these projects because they know what they need better. Otherwise you end up not meeting any need but causing more problems to the people.

  2. u0953238 Says:

    It seem there was not much thought to the building projects of China. A simple community needs survey would have produced a better model of expansion which is relevant, sustainable and suitable for the intended community.

    The only beneficiaries of these massive ghost towns were the cooperations who supplied materials and labour in the name of nationalism.

  3. nmpira Says:

    My advice to China would be use these infrastructures for Film industries.

    I do not really understand China’s motives behind all these developments when I just watched the news yesterday (15/11/2013) reporting that they are still strong about ‘one child a family’ policy with an aim to sustain their population. The sad story though is that their life expectancy is long so they are having to deal with the crisis of caring for the elderly community.

    So where is the Economic growth they are aiming for?

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