China – 8 year old girl lung cancer directly linked to pollution


China – 8 year old girl lung cancer directly linked to pollution

Atmospheric pollution has reached such high levels in China (in a city last week pollution levels were 300 times higher than what is considered dangerous) that whole cities have to be closed to traffic for days at a time and diseases linked to atmospheric pollution are skyrocketing.

China is in my view the perfect example of how a fast transition from an mainly agrarian country to a highly industrialized country cannot happen without harming nature, and how difficult it is to legislate and control the protection of air most important common, the air. We can have everything else, but without air, we just cannot survive.

However due to the economic benefits of industrialization, poverty has been massively reduced in China.

So on one hand,  industrialization is terrifyingly bad, on the other hand, extremely good. How to conciliate these two deeds? Should the government intervene and pass stringent pollution laws? Should there be international pressure to force China to act, as in the end, we all suffer from this? 


Sorry for the article being in French, but you can google translate it.



2 Responses to “China – 8 year old girl lung cancer directly linked to pollution”

  1. mundurugertrude Says:

    Its so unfortunate for the little girl. China has been used as a role model for economic growth which many mistake as development. When talking about the successes of the development initiatives, industrialization and technological advancement, the focus is on the economic aspect yet poverty is multifaceted.Since most of these development initiatives in China have been state led, I think the government has a big role to play in curbing this.

  2. u1059279 Says:

    It is undoubtedly that the risk of pulmonary disorders and Lungs diseases in China would be of great health concern due to the high level of pollution.
    Cheap coal and energy used by many Chinese industries has powered China’s economy to the detriment of the nations health
    Recently on inside story Meteorological debate on Al Jazeera,it was reported that the effect of Chinese industries using cheap fuels killing 2 million people a year in China from from air pollution.
    The government is fully aware that the way in which they are empowering their economy is absolutely not sustainable.This is leading to social unrest and having a big negative impact not only on public health but on their prospect for future growth.
    In my view China has the opportunity and resources to reasonably reduce the air pollution and make their prosperity sustainable.
    Cleaner energy;windmill,solar energy are possible options.

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