Migration un-sustainability a result of Commons ‘Enclosures’


Don’t we all know that Globalisation is the interrelations and interconnections between nations and countries with an aim to trade, share ideas and cultures? Well, I do not think with the number of people risking their lives and dying whilst trying to cross the borders of Europe due to immigration restrictions is a positive outcome of the idea of Globalisation but a typical example of ‘Enclosures’.

It appears that the countries in the North (as they are now referred to) dictates when and how globalisation process should proceed.  Immigration rules within European and countries like America and the others make it difficult for these ideas and cultures to move in and out of their countries.

For those who followed the news recently. there was an incident near the island of Sisily in Italy where 16 people were announced dead and there have been reports that more are being discovered.  This comes less than a week after another boat capsized off the coast of Lampedusa killing more 350 immigrants. All in the name of finding a better life in Europe.

Why then should the developing countries struggle to penetrate the economy’s of the North, when these developed countries are allowed to come in and exploit poor countries under the umbrella of globalisation, development and better opportunities for the local people?

Why can’t those opportunities be offered to the population from the other end of the world trying to make a better life in these developed countries? Why do people have to risk lives in doing so? Shouldn’t this be a fair game for all of us?

Should there be a rethink of the whole AID debate since AID hasn’t worked for the last 50 years of post colonial independence.  As AID was aimed at enhancing development and eradicating poverty.  Most people struggling to make it in are now fleeing poverty from their own countries


3 Responses to “Migration un-sustainability a result of Commons ‘Enclosures’”

  1. magchez Says:


  2. u0953238 Says:

    What is the matter with Europe?

    I came across this publication encouraging Young man of the Bahamas to join the British army


  3. u1059279 Says:

    Ideally,there should be migration rules to govern specific commons.Every common has their ethics,culture,rules,regulations and exceptions which should not be violated by any individual without their acceptance and approval.However lawful migration is no harm and does not breach regulations.Hence globalization does not mean free entering into other nation’s common.
    I would tend to agree with you on certain aspect such as globalization could be deceptive and exploitative by developed nations on developing or poorer nations.
    In this light,i would like to pose this question,what are the institutions of developing and poorer nations doing against exploitative globalization? Nothing but corruption;it seems to me as a mother having a stranger or a visitor into my house coercing me not to feed and cloth my children.What kind of mother will i be to accept those conditions?
    I sympathise with the tragedies of the Sicily and Lampedusa boat disaster all in the hope of greener pasture as a result of greedy, selfish, corruptive, brutal and inhuman political systems.

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