Can commons be divided into class?


One Response to “Can commons be divided into class?”

  1. enmbangani Says:

    Thank you for bringing this foward: I have red Massimo’s interview where he appraoched this discussion – comparison between the concept of the commons based on the idea of a community and the concept of the public. By community he meant an entity, mainly to a ‘homogeneous group of people, whereas the idea of the public puts an emphasis on the relation between different communities’.

    he also said ‘the concepts of the public urges our thinking about the commons to become more complex. The possibility of encounter in the realm of the public has an effect on how we conceptualize commoning and sharing.

    Acknowledge the difficulties of sharing while contesting and negotiating that are necessarily connected with the prospect of sharing.
    and- Conceptualizing commons on the basis of the public, however, does not focus on similarities or commonalities but on the very differences between people that can possibly meet on a purposefully instituted common ground.

    His concepts and writings are amazing!!!!!!!!

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