Made In Taiwan Products


Talking about Western countries finding cheaper labour abroad to maximize production.  Does anyone know what happened to ‘Made In Taiwan Products’?



5 Responses to “Made In Taiwan Products”

  1. mktkwad Says:

    That is a very good question. What about ‘Made in Africa? Are there no products made by the commons in Africa?

    • nmpira Says:

      Hmmmm interesting. As for the African case – It’s a long story. The Western World is only interested in exploiting their natural resources and not labour/skills. The only time they involved Africans in any trade or globolisation/developmental process, was when they were being shipped to America as slaves.

  2. u0953238 Says:

    I thought the whole world is made in Taiwan. This is simple because of cheap labour and infrastructure. I also believe this also has to do with the policy makers who are not heavy handed on implementing and uphold the rule of law,

  3. u0953238 Says:

    The new mood in development economics is that Africa is arising. Africa is a new elephant of global development that will squash the growth rates of the tigers of yesterday.

    The globe’s leading opinion drivers , the Economist, the times, Africa confidential and the West think tanks like the World Bank, African Development Bank share the same view that Africa is arising. Africa on the move gospel is attracting a coterie of enthusiastic disciples and the rise is inevitable and desirable. Inevitable because it is not sustainable for Africa to continuously wilt under the the weight of poverty, deep suffering that is arresting it.

    Africa deserves its break. years of bankrupt leadership,, unstable political environments, unstable macroeconomic policies including, low investment and savings, huge debts, corruption, high inflation, and lack of craft competence have left Africa in this mess.

  4. u1059279 Says:

    That is true that Africa economy is gradually on the rise.what we need to ask ourselves, in what context and who are the beneficiary?Let us evaluate the health and social strata; lifestyle,health,life expectancy,education, employment, business across the board and poverty in relation to the population.
    Please let there be no confusion between the haves and their economic might as a determinant of an improved an better life when millions are impoverished.

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