The fatal flaw of capitalism is greed.


In capitalism greed is part of the system, politely known as rational self-interest.Competition is the central mechanism which makes it work best described by Professor Lionel Robbins: ” Every day thousands of people cast their votes for hundreds of products and services on  offer, and from competition to win votes better products and services arise.” That is said to be how capitalist system brings best outcomes.

But that is not how things have worked out in recent years. on the contrary, there has been a dramatic widening of inequality. Was Karl Marx right when he said ,’ The end result of competition is the end of competition.’


4 Responses to “The fatal flaw of capitalism is greed.”

  1. Capitalism is vicious | Inspiring room Says:

    […] The fatal flaw of capitalism is greed. ( […]

  2. sdiederichs Says:

    I would say that greed is not only the fatal flaw of capitalism but the fatal flaw of most of the human race…

  3. u1059279 Says:

    Capitalism is selfish not only greed,as they always think about their selfish gain not the majority.

  4. magchez Says:

    You are very right to say that capitalism is greed, because they always use power in any of their operations against the less privileged.

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