A clever sticker on a bin!!


Saw this today in Oxford! All bins have such a sticker stuck on them. A simple way to tell the inhabitants of Oxford why they should recycle their garbage and how to do it. Recycling is very important for the preservation of our common environment, but education is paramount for doing it efficiently. Why can’t we have the same stickers on our bins in Kensington & Chelsea?






3 Responses to “A clever sticker on a bin!!”

  1. mundurugertrude Says:

    This is great. I think many people do not take responsibility for the commons because they do not know the importance. For example, many people believe waste is useless. But if a lot of information on recycling and what their waste can do is available, then many people will be encouraged to recycle,since every body uses electricity.
    If I know my rubbish can produce some thing useful, then I will take responsibility to ensure it is recycled in to some thing.

  2. u0953238 Says:

    I also wish the bins be in-front of all our university buildings especially in front of the Docklands library. I f all the aspiring professionals were footballers they will not smoke in public, where there are no bins to throw their stubs and the enclosure they are silently creating.

  3. magchez Says:

    Yes the idea of having a bin easily accessible for everyone’s use is good not only for the professionals or footballers becuase a tidy environment is central to health. On the other hand, suggesting to place a bin in front of the university not be ecouraged for there is nothing good about cigarette smoking, it only cuases cancer of the lungs and pollutes the natural air in any habitat that has been meant for the good of human health. Infact, in my opinion, the government should consistently ban cigarette smoking because the general outcome effect on smokers had caused the National Hospital Services some millions of pounds (NHS) some ..

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