Cigarette Smoking, a dangerous air enclosure


The much loved smoking in London and across the world is actually a very dangerous air enclosure. Air quality is a central concern for many people. Currently it is hard to enjoy the freshness of this natural gift especially in public place where one is  forced into either active or passive smoking.

A research done by Dr Giovanni Invernizzi, Tobacco Control Unit, National Cancer Institute,  Milan, Italy indicates that Cigarette smoke produces 10 times more air pollution than diesel car exhaust.  Environmental tobacco smoke produces fine particulate matter, which is the most dangerous element of air pollution for health. read detailed experiment on

Mark Kinver, an Environment reporter, mentioned on BBC News that, research identified a link between low birth-weight and exposure to air pollution. “Air pollution is causing damage to human health and ecosystems. Large parts of the population do not live in a healthy environment, according to current standards. It said ecosystem were subject to the pressure of air pollution impairing vegetation growth and harming biodiversity.” For us to get to a sustainable path, Europe will have to be ambitious and go beyond current legislation.”


9 Responses to “Cigarette Smoking, a dangerous air enclosure”

  1. sdiederichs Says:

    Cigarette smoking is a choice, nobody needs to smoke to live. It is linked to SIDS, cancers, heart diseases, lung diseases of course and many other medical conditions. Passive smoking is as bad as smoking. Many European countries have enforced a smoking-ban of a kind (the first to do so were the Irish) but they should go further in order to really look about their citizen’s good health. However, in the UK the government makes approx. £12b annually in revenue from tobacco product sales, and the estimated cost of tobacco-related illnesses + care to the NHS is around £8b. So I think that there is still a long way to a total ban on tobacco products!!

  2. jpriyarollins85 Says:

    This is very relevant especially here! I find that everywhere I turn there is a smoker somewhere. Yes, it is a choice to be made by each individual, but as you say, it effects many people around that one person through secondhand smoke. Smoking outside is fine for the most part and has addressed many of the concerns around the exposure of smoke to others, but the thing I’ve noticed is that many people smoke literally outside the door, or just under a building’s air vents- this leads to the smoke wafting through the buildings and covering an even greater area with no relief option for those inside. I can, however, understand the desire of smokers to not have to be fully exposed to the elements and to want the shelter of a building. A middle ground needs to be found- perhaps all it will take is providing a ‘smoking room’ of sorts with a filtration system where the smoker is protected from cold winds/rain but also where the smoke doesn’t directly affect everyone in the are. This could be considered a compromise of the commons.

  3. sdiederichs Says:

    You should read this about a headteacher who wants to stop parents smoking outside the school gates and the reaction and abuse she got from some of the parents!

  4. mundurugertrude Says:

    Some times we blame capitalism, the government and other people for spoiling the society, but I think in this case, some parents are not setting good examples to the Children. I believe most of the people who smoke are aware of its dangers. What the parents are doing is like having sex in an open place where the children can easily see you.And then you expect them to have good morals and wait until they are older.

    Maybe the solution to this problem is to use peer counselors to sensitize them on the dangers. People who have been smoking and have experienced some of these dangers would be the best teachers.

  5. u0953238 Says:

    I agree with all of you. I feel the smoking bans should go a long way and be complimented by objective action. The actions which are currently being implemented encourages people to smoke more, and accelerates the craving of wanting to smoke.

    A good a example is observation of smokers , whenever they see a designated place for smoke they feel obliged to smoke. For interest sack watch users of Docklands campus library whop compelled to smoke by just being at the entrance of the library.

    If smoking had nothing to do with profits, the policy makers tone will be to completely ban smoking in public freeing the air enclosure.

  6. nmpira Says:

    Well I guess the answer your are looking for is in – How long it took Britain to ban smoking in public areas. This is not after they had realised the health implications it had on the population but how much money it was costing NHS to treat smoking health related illness

  7. u1059279 Says:

    Smoking is one of the most recreational drugs used by people for different reasons and purposes; cigarette been one of the most legally used substance. However, its recreational use is causing social and health effect on the commons with psychological impact on both smokers and non smokers. With the effect on nations health budget, some western countries have literally legalised the ban of cigarette smoking in building and certain public areas.

    I will compliment on some of the points made by my colleagues. Smoking is indeed dangerous to individual. The addictive nature of cigarette smoking and carcinogenic effect to human due to its chemical components appears to have been ignored by smokers despite the subsequent effect on non smokers.

    Smoking is the choice made by individual(s),why should non smokers suffer from this deadly habit. Hence, the government should be looking at more strident measures to protect non smokers and the environment of the effect from smokers.

  8. magchez Says:

    Quite frankly, cigarette smoking is very dangerous in various dimensions. The flame alone from a lighted stick of cigarette could set the house ablaze. That notwithstanding, air is very necessary to every being and referring specifically to human beings, it is central for healthy living. But living in a world of today, where every air space is filled with pollution from cigarette smoking that even children of smoking mothers are always choked in their rooms because of the second-hand smoking, That is only nothing but madness.

  9. bay222013 Says:

    It is strange how cigarette smokers know the health and social implications of smoking, yet blatantly ignore the warning of scientific research reports and carry on destroying not just their health, but that of passive smokers as well. Even the death warning on cigarette pockets have done little to disway smokers. The tar which is the addictive agent in cigarette must be doing its job indeed. Otherwise why should people still smoke despite all the hazards associated with the habit. Apart from dangerously polluting the air (air enclosure), they ruin their lungs, hearts, kidneys, teeth and burn fingers. Smoking is also a social nuisance because the smell of cigarette linger on several hours after smoking. Not even the disguise of perfume gets ride of it completely. Smokers are often socially isolated when in the company of non-smoker because they have to leave periodically to smoke. Especially during night shifts when they have to risk lives to get out of the secure building, sometimes in the cold, rain etc to satisfy nicotine requirement.
    Smoking is also an unnecessary financial drain on the pocket. A minimum spending of £10 per week on cigarette will cost £40 a month and £480 a year, enough for a beautiful and relaxing holiday.
    Lots of productive hours are also lost in smoking because smokers take longer time for break period during working hours than non-smokers.
    Much importantly, the public are subjected to passive smoking and risking their health due to the choice of others. More regulations are required by government to save the population from this menance.

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