How the European Union threatens to enclose the Communes (political commons) in France

by   (sorry this is in French but you can Google translate it)

The establishment of communes as a political entity in France has started in the Middle Ages. It is the epitome of our devise “liberte, egalite, fraternite”. There are 36600 communes in France. We elect our mayor and communal councillors and it is a great democratic success. It does not matter if they have money, a business, are an aristocrat or a farmer, representatives are elected by the people for the people, for their common good and goals,  so the elected have to show that they have their commune’s best interests at heart and can be effective at managing it. Efficiently managing means that associations can and have been made with nearby communes on specific subjects (a sports ground, water, electricity, hospital, urban planning, roads, and so on), but not on a regional level as it is felt that this would weaken the communal spirit by taking too many diverse interests in consideration as there are only 22 regions in France (too many cooks spoil the broth…). Regional directives are being followed but with the same independence from communes that they have vis-a-vis the central State. However, new directives by the European Union want to force communes to make regional alliances by 2015 and form bigger associations in the name of efficiency and better return on public investment.  And yes, it is true that they are some very badly run communes, where inefficient management has led to a huge degradation in public services. But bad management happens everywhere and if we should regionalize every public institution which suffers from it, I wonder where all our politicians and public servants would live!!  A big problem is that due to the relentless increases in taxation as well as cuts in national public spending, the ensuing degradation of the socio-economic climate in France has made it really difficult to motivate people to work as many hours as before for, in fact, less money. But there must be other solutions to improve the efficiency of the management of communes than take away their local identity. This would be a great shame, as I am convinced that it is this system of communes which gives France its charm, diversity and makes it one of the most visited country in the world. But I am hopeful!  This is France and I believe that the French people will object and  put up a mighty fight against this encroachment of their personal liberties and that the communes will survive, if slightly more accountable at regional level..


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  1. u0953238 Says:

    Interesting you are protecting your protectorate

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