How you can become a Commoner


yet today, more people across North America and Europe are beginning to look around their neighborhoods and say—“well, no one is using that vacant lot, we could plant a community garden there” or “I think we can solve this neighborhood problem if a bunch of people pitched in to help.”

This reflects a broader shift in thinking from the prevailing YO-YO ethic (“you’re on your own”) to WITT (“we’re in this together”). At the heart of this trend are people joining together to become “co-creators” of the world they want to see. They aren’t waiting for someone else to undertake the initiatives that are needed.

Commoning represents a “third way”—not locked into the profit-driven mechanics of the market nor solely dependent on government agencies—that enables everyday citizens to actively make decisions and take actions that shape their future of their communities. Although most folks who do it, probably don’t call it “commoning”— they simply think of it as “common sense” or the “common good”.

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