Our daily bread


Louise Fresco argues that a smart approach to large-scale, industrial farming and food production will feed our planet’s incoming population of nine billion. Only foods like (the scorned) supermarket white bread, she says, will nourish on a global scale.


I’m curious to know what you think of this TED Talk clip… It’s an interesting approach to large-scale agriculture.


2 Responses to “Our daily bread”

  1. sdiederichs Says:

    Seen this on TED a while ago. Frankly, I found her talk uninspiring.

  2. u0953238 Says:

    I also watched the video which I also found not very inspiring and intelligent. Her global world is the people who she was addressing. Not all of us believe that food comes from a supermarket, or water comes from a tap and milk comes from a bottle or hamburgers are made in MacDonald.

    The richness of African food production is subsistence farming. It is persistent on a wide scale in various areas of the world. This is the source of the basic food needs where the family works to produce only enough goods to support the family unit. However with technology and improved farming methods there is often surplus which is usually stored for future use.

    I see it a long way bread replacing Sweetie potato (mbambaira) in sub Saharan Africa where bread will take two weeks to deliver and where the monetary system does not exist. In most cases families enjoy one meal a day and bread is a luxury not a necessity. It can never be my daily bread.

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