Is Sugar Better than Life? A case of Mabira Forest Give Away in Uganda


As the Ugandan president is bidding to give away Mabira Forest to The Sugar Corporation of Uganda (SCOUL) owned by Asians, one would ask weather Sugar is now more important than life. The forest has played a key role in influencing the climatic conditions in central Uganda characterized the rains that has made the region to become the food basket of the country.

The cool weather in Buganda region which makes the people known for naturally smooth skin is undoubtedly attributed to the forest. Many homeless people rely on it for shelter and  many schools use it as tourist site for their pupils. If the forest is given away to a single entity, a family owned business, what will the community do?

It’s important to note that Mabira forest is a catchment area for Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest freshwater lake, after Lake Superior. L.Victoria is shared by three East African Countries; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Cutting down Mabira would negatively affect L.victoria that directly supports the livelihood of 30million people around it.
Thus, Kenya and Tanzania as co-owners of the lake should come in to protect this forest from president Museveni.

One Response to “Is Sugar Better than Life? A case of Mabira Forest Give Away in Uganda”

  1. u0953238 Says:

    I believe all development should should include the benefits to the local community. Probably the local people are producing enough sugar for their local consumption. This is affording them food security and independence without degrading their ecosystems. Any surplus goes to the market which is natural.

    By bringing a foreign investor , bringing in private money is there anyone protecting the local people.Like any other investor profit at any cost is their daily prayer.The overwhelming power of money (profit) in this situation is dangerous to the environment and human lives. The project is franchising the local people.

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