The Power of Money: No one would be poor.


The Power of Money: No one would be poor.

If Bill Gates were to give $50 000 to every poor person in developing countries I am sure the Millennium Development Goals would all be met by 2015.  It is due to lack of money that people become very poor in developing countries whilst their leaders become very rich through syphoning the country’s money to rich countries.

Without the means to buy land, develop it in order produce goods for their survival and well-being poor people will always be at the mercy of Aid. It is about time the rich countries stopped giving aid which is also squandered by the governments and give money to all poor people and see if the poor people will remain poor. They would be able to send their children to schools, hence, the achievement of universal primary education; hospitals will be improved because they would have a voice in running them therefore, reducing child mortality; HIV will be greatly reduced because everyone would have access to medicines and good food; prostitution would be reduced because the main reason why women are forced into prostitution is to feed their families hence, the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women; people would be able to develop their environment land sustainably; most importantly will be the eradication of hunger. With money, good food, good health I am sure global partnership would be easy to develop without shunning each other.


One Response to “The Power of Money: No one would be poor.”

  1. sdiederichs Says:

    I am not sure that I like those very simplistic striking sentences in the likes of “if Bill Gates were to give $50000 to each poor people so that they could buy some land, poverty would be solved”. Sure it makes you read the article, but not much else.
    What use is land without water to irrigate it, where do you find land in the cities that so many poor people live in, how do you cultivate land in war ravaged countries, how do you build schools and maintain them, how do you keep everybody safe from diseases?
    I believe the solution to be much more complex. In order to thrive, you need security, peace, and trust, and this is what must come from within the institutions of developing countries. Everybody must work towards this common goal. They must feel that they belong to one nation and like in a marriage where one goes in it “for better or worse”, you can (and must keep) your own personality but the goal is common, one strong unity. Then I believe that Bill Gates’s money would be well spent in buying people land, as well as building a sound infrastructure (power, water, sewage, roads, hospitals, schools, etc…) and aid agencies could help people run those with the aim of helping run rather than taking over the running of charitable institutions.

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