Quite apart from the deluged list of existent natural disasters usually plaguing America ( though as well some other nations) — from the severally named tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones, to the arrays of thought-provoking and devastating heat waves, landslides, blizzards, and wild-fires; not to mention a few of the heart-drenching volcanoes, cold waves, droughts, storms, avalanche and famines — and most especially, the overwhelming impacts and destructions they wreck on the populace once they struck, one is being compelled to start thinking that the powerful nation America has yet to analytically, and fully grasp the  real scale of the effects of these disasters and their fast paced backward-pronging prowess at globalisation, baring her present posture in the frame of things.

Since almost two decade now, the world has been alerted to the fact that greenhouse gases results from collective array of human activities, and are chiefly responsible causes of global warming and climate change. Current data states, that the upper safety limit for atmospheric CO2 is 350 parts per million (ppm) and atmospheric CO2 levels have stayed higher than 350 ppm since early 1988, thus resulting in the surge of global call-to-actions, to finding practicable, cooperative and sustainable ways of reducing C02 to less than 350 ppm safe-level, and to foster an enduring practice that will check these accelerating rates.

So far — with a mind-capture of the gory effects of Hurricane Sandy, the recent Fukushima, Japan earthquake, the devastating flooding in Nigeria, the  Wildfires in Colorado and the shaky Mudslides in Oregon — if one were to assume a cynical view of the debilitating impacts of C02 emissions on the entire planet earth as a whole, and the way the world leaders, through United Nations and its security council, has played out the integration of Emission Trading politics into the global efforts at reducing C02, it may make good reason, to begin to logically question the leadership of America as a world power in its global responsibility and efforts to preventing the continuous increase in the scale of C02 emission in the atmospheric space and the magnitude at which global corporations (backed by America) foster the ironic sustenance of these destructive systems.

Given the benefit of doubts and a grand golden chance of over a decade — from 1988 till date — America has had its very fair share of the leadership to steer the world away from increasingly dangerous levels of C02 consumptions – however, current data still show clearly that even America herself has yet to get her own house in order —- considering the fact that based on C02 emission estimates from fossil-fuel use and cement production for 2008 alone, the United States still ranks as the world’s second largest national source of fossil fuel-related CO2 emissions behind China with emissions of 1.55 billion metric tons of carbon. Analytically, this means that the U.S. has emitted in total of over 90 billion metric tons of carbon since 1800 from fossil-fuel consumption and cement production, indicating that it’s not only that the U.S. fossil-fuel emissions have more than doubled since the 1950s, her per capital values of metric tons of carbon per person are also at the highest levels, compared with that of any other nation in the industrialized world.

According to recent data from the Mauna Loa Observatory, 40% of U.S. fossil-fuel emissions come from the consumption of petroleum products. The United States was completely reliant on coal until after the Industrial Revolution and now coal usage accounts for approximately 37% of U.S. fossil-fuel CO2 emissions. As at end of October 2012, current C02 emission worldwide tops at 391.03 ppm, (far above the 350 ppm target) and the trend still indicates on the increase, except some serious actions is taken, far away from the usual rhetoric’s that we are almost used to hearing from America. How then will it not be justified for us to begin to question the leadership of a nation, who supposedly is leading a global movement against c02 reduction, and by herself is still a top contender and contributor to the global c02 emission quota itself? How much can we truly trust the intentions and efforts of the United States in the global frame of things?

In my humble opinion, and am sure that of many others, who truly cares for planet earth to survive, and wants to mitigate the constant harassments and destructions meted by natural disasters — it is time that America begin to think and act more seriously in tune with reducing her own c02 emissions in real terms, if it sincerely wants the world, that she leads, to follow that order. The signs on the wall points that, we are tired of the usual shifting of the blames to developing and under-developed countries of Africa, Asia and the Pacific. The world is attuned and constantly detesting the usual rhetoric’s characteristically of the developed North. For America’s leadership to stay alive and be recognised further, it must prove its own onions (being tested by fire and brimstones) not only by checkmating her own excesses and those of her other developed allies, but also by taking an active and robust lead (if not partnership) in a measurable, mutually-beneficial and dedicated plan of actions (devoid of United Nations politicking) to guiding and compassing the world’s direction to a safe and safer climate protection practices.



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