Who is selling the motherland??- The commoners suffer all the way.


In as much as development is welcomed a lot still needs to be done to ensure that the local people are protected from eviction from their land.  Governments are now claiming that land is in little use as an excuse to lease it to companies.  However, these companies claim that the projects will bring food security and create jobs for the local people.

Whilst indigenous people are very few and mainly living in isolated areas removing them from their land has resulted in them moving to other areas from which they start building and paying high prices for materials.  In the case of Ethiopia peasants, who have been removed from black soil which is very fertile and given to foreign investors.

How is palm oil going to benefit the locals? Foreign investors only need to look at the map to understand the real value of the land they need.  Had the locals been given the opportunity to develop the land with the aid of the government the land will have been fully utilised.

A study by Oxfam researchers discovered that governments are saying that the land is underutilised and that foreign investors will bring the much needed taxes at the expenses for the local people when in reality the new land deals are not what the millions of people have been waiting for. Poorest people, with no money to buy the land are hardest hit by the competition for the land resulting in foreign investors having more power over the locals to control the land leased by their own governments. However, although the foreign investors promise jobs to the locals the jobs appear to be few and short lived resulting in more suffering as a result of reduced access.

The tax revenues expected from these investors are forfeited by the governments offering tax incentives for investment in a bid to attract more investors.


One Response to “Who is selling the motherland??- The commoners suffer all the way.”

  1. rukayat2012 Says:

    The question to first ask is, food security for who? Land in developing countries has become the new toy for foreign investors. I really dislike it when they make it seem as if they are trying to help people from the local communities of whom are displaced from their homes and means of livelihoods.

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