Climate change on the agenda!


Climate change seems to be on the agenda again. The climate change conference takes place in Doha, Qatar National Convention Center from Monday 26th November to Friday 6th December. A report has been released, saying that concentration of carbon dixode in the atmosphere is up by 20% since 2000.  I asked myself the question: who is responsible for this increase? well, according to the UN environment Programme (UNep), the concentration of the greenhouse gases emitting this carbon dixode has led to this increase.

One thing that will be interesting to know  is how climate change will be resolved at this conference.


2 Responses to “Climate change on the agenda!”

  1. mktkwaddoreen Says:

    Short and precise. Easy to understand.

  2. rukayat2012 Says:

    The problem and depressing thing is that climate change is not going to be resolved anytime soon. This is because it is not something that can be done over night. Imagine, we have caused excessive damage to our environment and the governments seem to be blind and deaf. I say blind because it seems like we all did not just see hurricane Katrina, and previous so called natural disasters caused by human actions. Deaf because of the massive movement of people protesting, screaming and shouting for a resolution. When you put on the news all you ear about is the global economy and GDP.

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