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Hurricane Katrina failed, will hurricane Sandy pass?

November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hitting the apparently most advanced city in the world may mean that the politicians in the US house of senate wake up from their slumber and realise that climate change is actually a reality and it is beyond scientific predictions. The scientific evidence available is a proof that climate change is happening and it is happening now.
Carrington and Harvey reported on the guardian environment blog that Maria Van der Hoeven, executive director of the International Energy Agency stated, “Energy-related CO2 emissions are at historic highs, and under current policies, we estimate that energy use and CO2 emissions would increase by a third by 2020, and almost double by 2050. This would be likely to send global temperatures at least 6C higher within this century.”
This statement was made after hurricane Katrina, Tsunami and other natural disasters that have happened across the world prior to hurricane Sandy. The unfortunate thing about these “natural” disasters is that they are not so natural because they could have been avoided.
Undoubtedly, natural disasters will occur, however we live in an era where human activities are speeding up the occurrence of these disasters. Currently human activity such as burning of fossil fuels has led to the disruption of the natural carbon cycle and equilibrium.
Hurricane Sandy is only one of the environmental disasters caused by the actions of human beings; other examples include, melting of polar ice caps; Islands vanishing due to rise in sea levels.
The sad thing about Hurricane Sandy is that it is going to be used as a political toy both presidential candidates will play with to gain votes. Just as David Cameroon used the vote blue go green logo during campaigns and since his entry into Parliament as never made a speech about the environment and climate change (Carrington, 2010).
The US need to start to take environmental responsibilities seriously because if they do not, it may lead to an end in their capitalist system via “natural disaster” which will destroy all the technologies used to emit fossil fuels into the atmosphere.
Clearly carbon trading is not effective. There needs to be a move in focusing on environmental and sustainable ways to reduce CO2 emissions within developed countries such as the US and not in developing countries only. The move should be completely away from capitalist notion. By this I mean where private investment capital will not continue flowing into the innovative technologies which increase energy efficiency while reducing global dependence on fossil fuels.
Everything regarding economic capital should be completely removed from the reason why there is a move towards environmental and sustainable development. The core reason should be to have an environment left for future generations to use.
On a global scale, all developed countries need to be held accountable for the excessive emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases Nitrogen Oxide, Methane, e.t.c. There should be no reason for anyone to have a right to consent or not to consent because climate change is something that affects the globe and not just developed countries. As a matter of fact developing countries such as Bangladesh suffer from the effects more than developed countries; developing countries bear 80% of the global warming burden even though their carbon foot print is lower (World Development report, 2010).
Maybe, just maybe whoever the elected president will be in the US will take environment and sustainable development seriously.