The euphoria that greeted President Obama’s victory is one pertinently unequalled, considering the recent few days of polarity-politics that demurely casted itself over America’s political landscape currently battling the offing surge of a daring and damaging hurricane. The beauty of history, has once again repeated itself in a nation well-regarded as one of, if not the best, on planet earth. Much as cynics, well as partisan all came out in droves to win for their own, America has once again shown the world that it is an epitome of healthy politics, not to say the least; an example of a truly progressive democracy where people’s Will takes the lead and where the common people’s voice is paramount. And if one were to go by the (7am UK time) victory speech of the President’s re-election, it won’t be long to discern why the spirit that carries America has always centred around their deeply held beliefs that marks their liberty, courage, willingness to work with opposition and a rear quality of doggedly fighting to give access to anyone that can ‘try’.

One thing for sure that strikes a chord in America, is the euphemism of the American spirit — that spirit that lay bares on the recognition to the ordinary men and women, to the indivisible polarity of black and white or blue and red, or Hispanic and Asian; the true fixation for the strong and the weak, that spirit that bears evidence to the long-standing bonding mien amongst a people who, no matter what, values love above hatred, that cherishes charity above politics, and one who are not afraid to explore together the benefits of differences to the advantage of all.

One thing for sure, whether he wins or not, Governor Romney has fought a good fight, and I salute his courage of fighting doggedly to the end, just because —- as President Obama puts it — both candidates believe America deserves a change — a change for the better. But one question that reverberates now that a new four-year phase reckons, is what does an Obama’s re-election means for Africa? What shots does it call-on for folks in the Middle East, Iraq, Tehran, Afghanistan and Pakistan? What hopes does his re-election portend for the black race? What glow will it bring to the livelihood and survival of the ordinary American commons? What does it mean to that middle-class volunteer who’s going from door to door around America because her brother was finally hired when the local auto plant added another shift? What hope will it bring to the black African migrant young boy on the south-side of Chicago who sees a life beyond the nearest street corner? Where will Obama’s presidency take that furniture worker’s child in North Carolina who wants to become a doctor or a scientist, an engineer or an entrepreneur, a diplomat or even a president?  — Questions, begging for answers — that only four years in time can tell.

All-in all, for those of us, who usually advocate for the commons’ will, who would sacrifice anything — just like Obama and Romney — to see that the yearnings and the needs of the common people are always fulfilled, it is yet another lesson in moderation to know that a polished people’s-politics with distinctiveness in leadership qualities and personalities must rank highest amongst the diminutive factors necessary to for a healthy true democracy and progress of the Commons.


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