women in the workplace


Women in the workplace

Gone are the days when women stay at home to take care of the family and the men bring in the money for the family. Due to urbanisation, women are now seen in the workplace. Sometimes, these women are harrassed, victimised or even exploited. Take for example, Bangdelesh. This is a country where the women are seen as a powerful economic force. It has opened the way for major issues due to this fact. http://www.guardian.co.uk/global-development/2012/nov/05/urbanisation-bangladesh-women


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  1. kpukumujohn Says:

    Harrasment, victimization and exploitation have been the justification for women empowerment, as these issues become more prevalent in the formal sector of the modern economy. in the last decade, women issues such as Equal pay for the same work and women’s promotion into senior management positions have provoked debate on the the empowerment agenda. Comparatively, women receive less pay than their male counterparts and very few women get promoted into senior positions, regardless of their qualifications and experience.

    Not surprising, research evidence regarding capabilities and entitlements shows that women faced more barriers in terms of translating capabilities into entitlements, than men. The good news is that more women’s groups are challanging this position and the issue is now part of the mainstream empowerment agenda.

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